Arriving at the venue

For those arriving by plane, we suggest flying to Lisbon. The Lisbon airport, also called Humberto Delgado Airport, is inside the city and is the main international gateway to Portugal.

To arrive from Lisbon to the wedding venue, in Palmela, there are several options :

– By car ou cab/uber: Direction Igreja de Sao Pedro d Palmela (where the Church ceremony will be); or Pousada de Palmela/Castelo de Palmela (where the reception will be; also, more cab drivers will know about the castle and pousada than the church, and the church is just nearby).
Distance: about 43 Km, ~ 40 minutes.
Estimated fare: 33 euros ( according to Taxi Fare finder)

I would recommend uber over just getting a cab in the street (it is perfectly safe to do so, just that they may overcharge you). There are, however, other apps also potentially useful:

– By train: You can take the Fertagus trains (private train ecompany ) from the Lisbon Stations Roma-Areeiro; Entrecampos; or Sete Rios. You should take the train that goes in the direction of Set├║bal, and leave in the station Palmela. Note that the Palmela train station is still somewhat far from the venue, so you would have to take a bus or cab from there.
Estimated time: about 1h (50 minutes train + 10 minutes bus/cab to the venue).
Estimated fare: 4.25 euros for the train fare + bus or cab fare: (if you click in “palmela” it gives you additional details about how to get from the station to the castle, which is near the church and pousada) (Sunday schedule!)

Alternatively you can get the Portuguese Public Trains (cp), although they are not necessarily cheaper and you would arrive 3 hours early (or too late). These trains you can take from stations Entrecampos; or Sete Rios, or Oriente (check the timetables before for that day, as Sundays there are less trains):

– By bus: bus 565, from the bus station in Gare do Oriente (bus company: TST – Transportes Sul do Tejo). It takes about 40 minutes but is not available at all times. The schedule is here – Note that “Domingo” is Sunday, and you should be checking “Partidas de Lisboa” (Departures from Lisbon):

Not sure about the price, but should not be more than 10 euros (or else things have changed a lot!). Ask the cab driver which bus station would let you closer to the venue.