Lisbon Tips

Suggestions for places to visit in Portugal:

In Lisbon:
1 – Belém – it is the place where the ships would sail to find new worlds. You can walk around there, see the “padrao dos descobrimentos”, the “torre de belém” (Belem tower) and the “mosteiro dos Jerónimos” (a monastery), maybe also the “centro cultural de Belém” (cultural center) and, of course, you *must* eat a “pastél de Belém” (there is only one place that sells them, the recipe is secret). In the cultural center there is also a potentially interesting museum.

2 – Baixa/Chiado (city center), also, Alfama – these are typical houses in narrow streets, good to walk around. You can also go to the “Castelo de S. Jorge” (S. Jorge castle), they have nice views of the city. Or have a drink in the rooftop bar of one of the hotels in the area (there are several with rooftops, but you kind of have to ask as it is not well advertised). This is also the place to go out at night, and you should try drinking one “ginginha”. You can also take the trem-train 28, which goes along these places

3 – “Parque das Nações/Expo”, where the Expo 1998 was, and walk around there. It is nicer during daylight but at night it is also nice, and it has some good restaurants. It also has an amazing Oceanarium, with many cool animals, including some great sea otters:)

Projects of Iris’s brother, Ricardo, that may be useful when visiting Lisbon:

1 – Go cars – basically, it is a little yellow car that has an incorporated GPS, which will tell you interesting in funny stories while you are passing through each place:

It is a great way to quickly and in a fun way visit the city! It has tours in the 3 main places I told you (Belém; Baixa/Chiado and Alfama, Expo); you can park the car at any time and just go out and visit the buildings/eat the pasteis de Belém; and in this way you do not have to pay for cabs! Also, because it is so small it is the only one that has “permission” to go to the middle of Alfama (normal sized cars are not allowed).

2 – “Mygon” app – it is a smartphone application that gives you offers of things that you can use the same day – so say if you are looking for a place for dinner, you can search around and see which deals there are available, it reduces substantially the costs and it automatically reserves your table! The best thing, it is free:)

Around Lisbon:

1- Sesimbra:) Where I feel I’m from, even if technically it may not be so:) It is a very nice little fishery village, with amazing fish and seafood to eat! Nearby there is also a castle, Cabo Espichel and some other sights worth seeing. And you can go to the beach:)

2- Sintra – very pretty town, with lots of castles.

Away from Lisbon:

1 – Porto – second major city, very pretty and culturally interesting.

2 – Coimbra – the student city, definitively worth seeing.

3 – Évora – Nice little city in Alentejo.

4 – Costa Vicentina – amazing beaches and views.

5 – Gerês – beautiful nature and landscape.